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  • Vertebral body tethering: Another option for treating scoliosis in children

    Fusion surgery has been the long-standing treatment for people with scoliosis—a side-to-side curve of the spine. But other options have become available—including vertebral body tethering for children with scoliosis.

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  • Pool therapy beats physical therapy for chronic low back pain

    Aquatic (pool) therapy and physical therapy are two treatments that can reduce pain. But which is better for chronic low back pain? A small randomized trial published online Jan. 3, 2022, by JAMA Network Open suggests that buoyancy has the edge.

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  • Not all low back pain is the same

    Nearly every movement you make involves your back in some manner. This constant movement and support mean that your back is susceptible to strain and stress. Understanding the causes of back pain, along with the symptoms, can help you and your health care team determine the best treatment options for you.

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